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The Reason Why Video Entertainment is The Only Service To Increase Prices

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Hello readers!!

It is a very shameful situation for US. A news paper reported that the physics cbse paper of class 12 board exam was available one day before the exam in Imphal. But CBSE is claiming that,it has a tight security and there is no way anything can leak.They have announced that this matter will be looked into. No matter what they claim, the pictures of the leaked papers were posted in the internet a day before, is what a few websites say.

CBSE has announced that there will be retest conducted in the state of manipur :

Weather the rest of us also have to write a retest or not,  we can only wait and watch.

here is an interesting story :

 "In the past  PTI had reported  a case of CBSE question paper leak in Andaman and Nicobar Isl"ands in the year 2011. Four people were convicted in the case and were sentenced to life. The convicts had hatched a plan to get the CBSE Class XII question papers leaked for the benefit of their children.
The criminal conspiracy came to light on March 3, 2011 a local daily reported that the physics CBSE exam question paper had been leaked. The administration then launched a probe and a case was registered in the police station of Car Nicobar soon after.

The court has sentenced P. Krishnama Raju, Abdul Rasheed, M.J. Vijayan and Abdul Salam to life imprisonment, while it acquitted M.P. Arun.

The judgement disclosed that Rasheed and Vijayan had travelled to Car Nicobar on February 14 and then photocopied the question papers at Lapathy, P. Krishnamaraju's residence."

What do you think?? should there be a retest all over the country or not ? please let us know in the comments below.

Thank you and all the best for the rest of your exams!!

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