Saturday, October 1, 2016

Customer Resistance an Issue for Some Smart Parking Deployments

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Naish, Whatsapp

Old saying that necessity is the mother of invention, but today confirms specialists in entrepreneurship and investment that the presence of the need is the key factor for the success of any project.

Perhaps you, dear reader, you agree that we all seek the urgent need to have a quick and easy way to transfer money from one person to another without bothering complexity and follow the traditional methods and queuing in long lines to be able to transfer money from one country to another or from one person to another, especially if we take into account the time required to carry out such an operation, not to mention that it is no longer acceptable in this day, especially in light of the great technological development which Naish.

Many companies have been quick to adopt new technology and harnessed to the transfer of funds and make it easier for users - and you can see many of the initiatives in this regard from here - but most of these initiatives does not live up to the need of the user despite the existence of potential for it.

Technically, I see that it is easy to harness mobile to withdraw from ATM machines are available in most countries of the world and the region also, no doubt that the support of corporate communications for this process will yield to transform the dream into reality is staggering.

Here the following scenario:

Today you need to do a financial transfer to your brother who is studying in another country, and wish that he used the money immediately, and all you have to do is open Whatsapp and then choose Convert button, for example, and then select the person and the amount, and then execute the command by clicking a single!!! Message directly up to your brother that he received an amount of U.S. $ 100, for example, and can use his mobile device to withdraw money from any ATM machine instead of using a bank card.

There is no doubt that it will be amazing, and saves us time, effort and meets our needs are real.

Techniques currently available confirms that it is unenforceable, even if you're on the board of Facebook or Whatsapp, to take this matter seriously and put it under study for immediate implementation, especially in light of the large number of users.

If you are on the board of a telecommunications companies, what delayed for one second in the approval of the research and study of such a serious subject because of its economic feasibility and participate in the successes of others.

The question here is, do you really will be able to transfer money in and out in real time using
Mobile application!!

What do you think?

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