Friday, October 7, 2016

Phoenix Service Software Cracked (Nokia Flashing Software) 2016 Free Download For Windows 7,8,Xp,Vista

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As it is my usual practice to share with you computer and mobile tricks, I’m back again with another one, this time around, I’ll teach you how to delete admin password on any computer without the use of a software, in fact, I’ll explain two ways by which you can do this, but before doing that, I really want to apologize for staying away for so long without posting, I’ve really been occupied. I’ve got several mails from my loyal readers, thanks so much to you all. Now, let’s get back on point.
It happens sometimes that people forget the admin password to their computer and eventually, they no longer have access to their PC, if such happens to you, then this info will be useful for you! You can get rid of admin password on any computer using two methods and I’ll explain each of them differently. The first method will work if your hard drive is FAT kind so let’s go there!
To delete administrator password in a FAT kind hard drive, all you need to do is to boot up your computer with DOS i.e. Disk Operating System, you should know what this means unless you are a computer newbie. In case you don’t know how to boot your computer in DOS mode, all you just need to do is to start up your computer the normal way and while it is starting up, press F8, the system will bring a list of options. Select the option to start up in DOS mode. Once you boot up with DOS, delete the sam.exe and sam.log files from Windows\system32\config in your hard drive. Now when you boot up your computer in NT your computer will not prompt you to enter a password in order to gain access. Don’t forget. This method works for FAT kind hard drives. Now, the second method for Non FAT kind hard drives. Steps:
  • Remove your hard disk and connect it to another computer
  • Start up that PC and use your hard disk as the secondary drive
  • Open the drive in which the hard drive you want to work on is installed.
  • Navigate to windows>system32>config
  • Delete SAM.exe and SAM.log files
  • Remove the hard disk and connect back to the original pc.
  • Once you start up the computer, it will not request for administrator password. Remember, this method is meant for hard drives that are not FAT kind. Now you’ve learnt two ways to delete administrator password on any computer, share the knowledge with friends by using any of the sharing tools below and don’t forget to check back for more tips, tricks and fun stuffs as I will be updating from time to time.
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